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Loyalty and prepaid as mobile content, like ringtones

I now look at loyalty programs, discount cards, prepaid cards, and other membership programs as mobile content, very similar to ringtones and games.

The same way that people today send a text message with a key word or code to get a ringtone or game sent to their mobile phone, customers can also add loyalty and prepaid card programs to their phones.

This is a paradigm shift that focuses on getting more people to join more programs. It is a very different outlook to the one that currently dominates the NFC industry where players are struggling with putting credit and debit cards onto mobile phones.

The process requires tremendous simplicity, and produces much greater value to retailers that are struggling to sign up new loyalty or prepaid card customers.

Imagine browsing through the Taggo website looking for new programs to join, and choosing between various retailers that you shop at. Imagine even being able to purchase prepaid promotions, like "Load $25 to your Starbucks Taggo account now, for the promotional price of $20". And the fee gets charged to your mobile account, just like when you buy a new ringtone or game.

This is a vision that is especially relevant to the large number of younger users that are already familiar with purchasing content for their mobile phones.

Hahaha! This innovation stuff is lots of fun!


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