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18-34 year olds going for a pre.... paid

........Echoing Chris Skinner's comments, pre-paid  is a very attractive market with fantastic potential. Other interesting facts about the taget market of 18 - 34 year old UK folk include:  
  • Est. annual spending power of £500 - £35,000
  • Mobile , networked communities/packs
  • Believers in "Causes"
  • Little interest in politics
  • Active social life
  • Techno friendly
  • Wealth creators of the future... well , some of them!
  • Ready for responsibly priced and managed payment products

So how about this for a multiple personality pre-paid proposition for 18 - 25 year olds ?

  • pre-paid, entry level card, multi-channel top ups
  • debit upgrade, keep same card number feature
  • revolving credit add-on at age of 21
  • Rewards for responsible usage (e.g. free SMS,MMS / downloads)
  • Donates X in profits to preferred "cause" 
  • 24X7 online Self-service & customizable
  • Available through multiple issuing channels (My Space, Youtube, Google etc, local Indian / Chineese, music/fashion stores)
  • Plastic, wrist watch, wrist band, key fob, mobile phone formats

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