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Finance disappearing inside non-banking experiences.

Embedded Finance slowly and steadily is becoming an essential part of our lives & the impression has been joyful & inspirational. Embedded Finance is connecting the dots for real world problems for the masses and make everyday moments beautiful.

The traditional ways of transacting or doing business are being overtaken by the digital forefront so there’s a great opportunity for startups and digitally native platforms to take significant market share. The ease of digitized buying and selling has never been more convenient. The old days of not finding exactly what when and where you need has transformed into everything you could possibly act.

Marketplaces will be key enablers of embedded financial products and it’ll be hard to ignore the social influence on economic impact enabled by marketplaces.

·      Plugging Insurance products across purchase life cycles

·      Offer highly specialized financial tools 

·      Money Movement across product ecosystem    

·      Enhanced engagement and loyalty tools

Understanding Embedded Finance 

Embedded finance is best understood as integrated financial service or technology with a traditionally non-financial service or product.

•       Google Maps allows you to find and purchase parking within the app

•       Buy Now, Pay Later leading to lending

•       UberEATS or Rideshare Insurance

In this digital era, consumers aspire to be more empowered and independent while making decisions

                                “Customers want Convenience “


Increasingly consumers expect a friction-free banking experience, where the traditional rigmarole of personal banking blend into the background of everyday digital life.

·      Apple embedded financial services deeper into their iOS marketplace with the launch of Apple Card.

·      Lambda School — offers income-sharing for tuition financing as an alternative to student loans

· — buys used vehicles and rents them out with a low-price month-to-month lease

Way forward: Marketplace The Infrastructure of digital connections

Place to transact transfer of value and transfer service with assistance & tools provided by a plug & play software ecosystem unlocking economic & social values.


Embrace the journey to an inclusive embedded financial future

Marketplaces in all sectors are finally adopting the integration of specialized financial services directly into their digital footprints for the foreseeable future. A plug & play software platform that enables financial services such as travel transaction, embedded payments, embedded insurance or a lifestyle product such as BNPL fitness product or a BNPL subscription for digital platforms in Crypto or loyalty points.

·      On demand infra services

·      Provide software for interactions

·      Onboarding& Secure connections

·      On demand data storage and analytics

The real enablement by embedded finance is in streamlines all financial processes happening in real-time into one place- shifting marketplaces from platforms where you only make or spend money to platforms. Integrating financial services into the platform is not only the glue to retain vendors, but also an opportunity for additional revenue streams. It is well-positioned to help brands address customer pain points and drive loyalty.Embedded Finance is our best shot at driving open for all financial services. People in any socio-economic layer of society can look forward to getting access to cheaper and better financial services & opportunities to create products for all anywhere anytime. Winners are already emerging in the race to provide banking and payments infrastructure for embedded finance. 



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Ketharaman Swaminathan
Ketharaman Swaminathan - GTM360 Marketing Solutions - Pune 04 July, 2023, 12:28Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Tap around an ecommerce app and suddenly find out that your credit score has been dinged.

Tap around a rideshare app and suddenly find out that you're on the hook for a BNPL loan.

These are just a couple of real-life examples of the flipside of embedded finance from the consumer POV.

While enjoying the convenience offered by embedded finance, consumers should use truckloads of Caveat Emptor and be very clear that suppliers will use embedded finance more to drive their own profit motive than to serve customer interest. 

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