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On the last day of January announced MOMENTA launch of new INDUSTRY 5.0 FUND, a target $100 million venture capital fund.

The fund will expand on Momenta's enduring Digital Industry thesis, supporting entrepreneurs who are advancing new paths to more human-centric, resilient and sustainable industry operations, as outlined in the EU Commission's Industry 5.0 initiative.

Not the amount itself but the last words are important, because they clearly define, that not the principles of INDUSTR 5.0 ORIGIN will be supported financially, but the FAKE introduced by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION after intentional damage to intellectual property of the INDUSTRY 5.0 Founder.

Instead of supporting the construction of WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL, does EUROPEAN COMMISSION and related organizations and projects support the sales of mora machines, technology, and deeper addiction of users and companies on DIGITAL and VIRTUAL technologies, so as on electric power. All this to strenghten the current polito-economic system, that is already collapsing, because of being build on wrong and unstable groundstones, which are not able to withstand the size and speed of the spiral of changes

To learn mor about MOMENTA new fund visit following link

Everybody have the right to choose whether he or she prefer to live on a global landfill or in WASTELESS WORLD that is build FOR ALL

Michael Rada, HUMAN

INDUSTRY 5.0 Founder


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