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Game review: World of Goo

24 November 2008  |  2743 views  |  0

There was a time when computer games were written by a single person - Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum for example. Eccentric, inspired genius. Now they're all blockbusters with massive teams and budgets and quite often don't seem that much fun or inspired. Yes they're terribly realistic. Yawn.

Well, enter Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler who got together to form a new company with a new approach and who recently released World of Goo.

World of what?

Goo. Lot's of it.

It's a construction game, based on physics, so it must be educational and good for the brain - which is obviously why I bought it. It's also tremendous fun and incredibly addictive. You're transported to a bizarre world inhabited by balls of goo which you have to steer across the screen in a selection of frankly bonkers tasks. You'll build towers, bridges, go ballooning and - well - do weird things.

Its chunky cartoon style and mad music just ooze charm and entertainment. It's funny and suitable for all the family. It's also cross platform - Windows, Mac, Wii and Linux (soon). There is some serious talent at work here. They've even released it without DRM as an experiment - but at a mere twenty dollars it would be criminal not to pay for it.

So if you're stuck for a seasonal gift for someone you know, check out the site: 2d boy.

If only other apps had an interface this entertaining. I'd like my internet banking to look like this please. It's interesting how it's attracted a following of fans who are doing equally bonkers and charming things - as per this blog post.

Making a bridge out of goo - you know it makes sense

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