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Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms | Opportunities To Launch Any Project 2022

The crowdfunding concept revolves around the idea of raising funds for various reasons. The project is available on the internet and anyone can invest in it. Entrepreneurs and startups take advantage of this concept and generate early-stage support for their ideas. This concept helped launch several incredible projects that changed the world for the better.

The blockchain industry is one of the most notable industries to experience immense growth in one year. The industry is now a lightning rod for new ideas and concepts to take off. Innovations and developments in the industry led to the rise of several types of crowdfunding mechanisms. They are IGO, IIO, IFO, ILO, and ICO. Each type appeals to a specific niche and each one presents viable opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch their projects. It also presents opportunities for investors to cash in on the latest trend and benefit in the future.

We’ve gathered together a list of the top crowdfunding platforms for each investment opportunity. Let us look at the various crowdfunding opportunities available.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Platforms

1. IGO Development

IGO development has several interesting projects related to blockchain gaming, gaming metaverses, and play-to-earn games. These platforms enable IGOs of project developers. The most notable ones here are


GameFi is one of the largest IGO development platforms. It was created by the company behind Red Kite Launchpad. The platform helps funds blockchain games in several ways. GameFi is among the few IGO Development launchpads where users can purchase tokens in an IGO project and in-game assets.

GameFi organizes participation in an IGO in various ways. Here, users get access to the pools through a ticket system or by buying tokens. The ticket gives you access to the ticket pools.


Seedify is another new entrant to the IGO development scene. The platform began life in 2021 and facilitated four successful IGO projects in six months. Seedify provides additional support like project marketing and community building for the upcoming blockchain game.

Here, users can invest in a project with the SFUND token, the native token of the Seedify platform. A tier system determines the user’s rewards. Anyone who invests a significant amount of SFUND tokens gains a higher tier and earns more rewards.

Presently, Seedify has a nine-tier system. The first five tiers allow investment up to 250 SFUND. A lottery system is in place to oversee the token distribution process. Later tires ensure the user a share in the project. Users that advance into Tier six can participate in private rounds and private sales.

2. IIO Development

IIO development or Initial Insurance Offering is a recent token model to enter the industry. Crowdfunding here uses the European trading system to send token offerings to the distributors. IIO tokens function on BSC or Binance Smart Chain. Users who register and meet the requirements can participate in IIO development, earn tokens and exchange them for IIO tokens. Here, smart contracts store the transactions. Many businesses prefer IIO development over others as it provides greater transparency and security.


The helmet is a decentralized crypto asset insurance trading site. The platform functions on the Binance Smart Chain and leverages options for its decentralized insurance offering. It is a protocol for advanced DeFi users who have an understanding of financial options and exposure to DeFi assets. These users are experienced in the decentralized finance industry. Users who are unfamiliar or new to decentralized finance can instead go for yield farming.

3. IFO Development  

Initial Farm Offering or IFO development is a fundraising model where upcoming DeFi projects earn capital. These projects accomplish this by joining in pre-salves events after they are thoroughly vetted by decentralized exchanges.

IFO development is the successor to ICO development. Investors participate in pre-sales events hosted by the DEX. These investors provide the capital required for the upcoming projects.


Presently, the most common platform for IFO development is PancakeSwap. Here, users can directly benefit from the fundraising. These users can earn rewards while the project owners benefit from the liquidity pool the platform provides.

Participation in an IFO requires the user to register their profile on a decentralized exchange that supports IFO development. Next, the users stake their BNB or CAKE tokens and participate in the IFO project. Here, the users must provide liquidity for the farming process. Participation in the IFO development event ensures the users earn various tokens as a reward.

4. ILO Development

Initial Liquidity Offering or ILO development took the crypto world by storm and many claim it to be the most popular option for the launch of new tokens. The emergence of ILO caught many by surprise and caused companies to shift to this new crowdfunding method.

The ILO development process is where liquidity providers receive the new token. In exchange, they contribute liquidity to the pool for the AMM to work. Investors here take risks when buying a new token and are rewarded through bonuses called yields. The liquidity contribution is made in the form of stable coins. ILO development is an attractive option for the release of a new token. The process ensures that the token is released into an ecosystem where there is a market-ready for it.


ILOBOX is a unique all-in-one solution where experts from the relevant domains provide their insight and knowledge into the ILO development process. The combination of technical expertise and domain experience ensures the ILO development takes place without compromising on the technology and satisfaction.

5. ICO Development

Initial Coin Offering or ICO development is a popular fundraising method that involves selling digital assets and raising funds. These funds go to developing and launching a blockchain-based project. Here, users can develop the ICO project individually or through an ICO services company.

Through ICO, the user sells specific digital assets on special listings. This process helps the project grow in demand, which in turn, increases the token value. ICO development rewards investors for funding the project.

Zab Technologies

This company is a renowned blockchain development company with extensive expertise in ICO development. The company launched many successful ICO projects and helped owners boost their profits to the next phase. Zab technologies focus on ICO solutions like Smart Contract creation, ERC token creation, ICO website creation, and Digital Wallet Development.


This company’s approach to ICO development is to divide the process into pre and post-ICO development. That way they can focus on preparation first before moving to deployment and support. The company provides digital wallet integration. Their digital wallet supports famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, and others.


The crypto space sees many new developments and improvements coming every day. Presently, crowdfunding provides ample opportunities for a business to develop and launch its blockchain-based project. They can tap into this growing demand and provide a solution that benefits the industry as a whole. Hence, anyone looking to get into the industry can get started with one of these crowdfunding models. 


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