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The Future of Financial Services: Collaboration and Competition Between Fintechs and Banks

05 Jun 2024

The global fintech market is growing rapidly with a market size expected to top $608 billion by 2029, almost doubling from a projected $312 billion this year. In part, this can be attributed to the agile solutions and customer-centric approaches of fintechs when compared to those of traditional banks. However, to drive true value in the financial...


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Overcoming Cultural and Technical Challenges in Automating Currency Risk Management

25 Apr 2024

With a turnover of more than $7 trillion per day, the global foreign exchange market provides a challenging backdrop for businesses engaged in international trade. This is a highly volatile environment, with currency prices fluctuating based on factors such as geopolitics, major world events, and the macroeconomic health of the countries whose cu...