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How safe are you online?

Think you're safe? Try this! (only applies to Windows PC users). It's a bit slow and plodding but it does the job.

Yes - it's Get safe online week - an annual UK bash to make the public aware of the risks of being online and this is the fourth year in case it's passed you by previously. This year there's been a bit of a media splash with stories of UK identities onsale for £80 online.

The folk at have estimated that working adults in the UK on an average salary can be worth £14,500 (per fraud attempt) to online criminals – taking into account recommended savings allowance and typical access to plastic credit.

The 2008 Get Safe Online survey shows that UK citizens are increasingly confident about using the internet for everyday activities. A third of UK internet users spend between one and two hours a day online while almost one in six spend three to four hours a day surfing the web. Only 4% stated their use as 'rare', while 3% of internet users do not have access to a computer at home.

More than half use internet banking or other online tools to manage their finances, an increase of 6% compared to 2006. Nearly two-thirds are online shoppers, with a notable increase in the number using the internet to make larger transactions.

The site has the full report to download and offers advice on securing Windows PCs and a much smaller section with tips for Mac and Linux users.

Get Safe Online site.

It's quite timely, given the recent report of Nigerian 419 scammers using Facebook and even imposters loose on the Swift Community site.


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