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An Entrepreneur’s guide to Multi-chain Launchpad development with Redkite clone

Every day, the popularity of blockchain technology is growing and there are a number of businesses adopting this new trend. This brings in a situation where these startups need funds to develop their project. Multi-chain Launchpad development is getting traction now as they aid new projects and also the best opportunity to enter the crypto space. In addition, the launchpad should be a safe platform for investors as well. 

There are few standard multi-chain launchpads in the industry. Young entrepreneurs are looking around to develop a launchpad with a Redkite clone. Here is a complete guide on why entrepreneurs should choose Redkite clones. You can also get all the major insights before launching a Redkite launchpad.

IDO LaunchPad Platform Like Redkite

Redkite and its advantages

Redkite is a Multi-chain, decentralized launchpad that helps in launching innovative projects to the public. It is a platform that gives investors an opportunity to take part in early token sales at a lower price before the project hits the market. Redkite Launchpad not only serves as a medium for new crypto projects but also the early investors to receive a good ROI. 

The launchpad is multichain compatible, that is, it works with the Ethereum chain, Binance Smart chain, and Polygon pool. It is a feature-rich launchpad amongthe top 5 launchpads in the industry. This feature will bring IDO projects developed in these powerful blockchain networks. 

The projects listed in the launchpad are chosen after a crucial screening process. This process checks for the legitimacy of the project by examining the team of origin and implementation capacities. This creates a reliable relationship between the investors and the launchpad. 


Redkite clone and its features

A Redkite clone is a Whitelabel solution that can give the spotlight to carefully select IDO projects. It is beneficial for both the investors and the IDO startups. The features of this Redkite clone are similar to that of the parent platform. In addition to that, the Redkite clone development is open to customization. The launchpad can be launched with new customized features according to the business needs and the existing features can be upgraded in the near future. 

Some of the cutting edge features of a Red kite clone are

  • Multi-chain compatibility- The platform is compatible with leading blockchain networks like Ethereum chain, Binance smart chain, and Polygon Pool. This allows projects developed on these networks a chance to get listed on this platform. Redkite clone is open to customization of disparate pool types and whitelist conditions.
  • Fair Opportunities- The users will receive equal and fair opportunities to participate. There is a swap system in the platform which ensures fairness while participating based on the tier they are allocated
  • The reputation points- The platform will include a specialized bot feature that gives certain reputation points to the users based on their participation in the IDO launches. These points can give the investors special privileges while participating in future launches.
  • Careful vetting of projects- The security of the investors is ensured by screening the projects before enlisting them on the platform. The screening process includes scrutinizing the projects for legitimacy, background checks on the origin team, and innovation of ideas. This guarantees the safety of the early investors.
  • KYC verification- It is compulsory for the investors to undergo KYC verification before entering into the platform. This ensures that only valid users can take part in the launches. 
  • Integrated Vesting Schedule- The integrated vesting schedule for the projects on the site assists the projects with the Pre-sale and Post sale secondary token offering.
  • Advanced Features- Redkite clone is open to top-class advanced features. Cutting-edge features can be included in the launchpad for the convenience of the users in the near feature


Working of a Redkite clone

The working of the Redkite clone is very simple that commoners can easily understand the working and get into the early investment of IDOs

  1. The users have to register on the platform and should complete the KYC verification.

  2. Once done, the users can integrate their crypto wallets into the platform. Major wallets like MetaMask, Binance smart chain wallet, Wallet Connect, and Ethereum wallet are compatible.

  3. Now the users should own PKF token in order to participate in the IDO launches.

  4. The investors are categorized into different tiers based on the credit points they have earned. 

  5. Users can earn these points by staking their PKF tokens or by increasing the liquidity in the Redkite Staking pool. For every activity, the users receive Redkite Points. 

  6. The users can go through the projects enlisted for the IDO launch. They should apply for whitelisting if they are interested in participating in that particular IDO. The basic necessities to get whitelisted for a project is to complete KYC verification and should belong to any one of the tiers. 

  7. Once whitelisted, the users will be allocated to buy IDO tokens from the platform.

The platform will have all details about the IDO on the main page of the IDO project. In the user account tab, the users can check what tier they are in and what is the status of the IDO the users have participated in. 

Recently, Redkite started supporting IDOs of NFT games and De-fi projects on the polygon network. This has opened a channel of opportunity for innovative startups.


Wrap up

Redkite is a top Multi-Chain Decentralized IDO launchpad with cutting-edge features. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to launch an IDO launching platform like Redkite, you can discuss your business model with experienced developers. A Redkite clone development is a cost-efficient solution and it takes very little time for testing and development. Discuss with them about how you want the Redkite clone script to be modified and get a quote to launch the platform immediately.


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