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Mobile Makers Could Learn From Detroit

Mobile manufactureres and gadget makers could learn a thing or two from Detroit. I doubt that 48% of new car buyers need help operating their new cars, yet that is the figure for gadgets. If the auto-makers had 29% of their customers complaining that the device didn't work at some time during the year, they would have needed more than a bail-out years ago.

15% of users failed completely in their quest to get the device working satisfactorily.

The emotional side of the equation is worse, with 59% feeling impatient, 48% feeling discouraged and 40% of consumers confused.

A breakdown of the device issues showed that 46% of internet connections, 28% of computers, 21% of cellphones, 2% of PDA's and 3% of ipods.

Just over one-third actually contacted customer support in an attempt to fix the issue, the rest did it with the help of friends and neighbours, not forgetting the 15% who actually gave up altogether.

These telling statistics are the result of a survey conducted by the Pew American Life and Internet Project.

It looks like there might be some jobs available in the consumer electronics business for anyone with any understanding of consumers.

These results are appalling and surely cannot be sustained by a business in good times, let alone a recession.

I'll be carefully examining my technology investments when I get back into the market.

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm still a little bearish, because the hot air from Governments isn't really helping. I notice that China's bailout has already shrunk beyond ineffectual - we sure are all in this together. Perhaps they've already decided capitalism is on the rocks and the unemployed might agree.


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