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Top-7 features of an eye-catching Forex CRM system

Brokerage businesses on their way to the FX market need to implement some next-level solutions to convince newcomer traders they are making the right choice. Forex CRM systems are frequently underestimated by business owners, while the solution is responsible for a set of both inner and outer processes.

Brokers are looking for a reliable Forex CRM provider; meanwhile, the foremost factor is to outline some features a high-class system should carry onboard. Here is the list of such features:

#1. All-in-one software for brokers and exchanges

What is a CRM system? The software is usually designed to manage leads and active clients. Adjusted to the Forex market, the responsibilities of the software are much broader. Such a system designed for FX brokerage needs unites a CRM, trader’s room, and back-office to provide brokers with the fullest control over their businesses.

As such, high-quality CRM software takes into account the demands of traders, business owners, and administrators, unlocking a string of innovations.

On top of Forex brokers, a system is suitable for crypto brokerage companies, trading platforms, web wallets, etc. – this solution is rather multifunctional.

#2. Compatibility with fiat and crypto assets

By default, FX brokerage companies enable traders to buy and sell fiat currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, etc. Meanwhile, up-to-date brokers prefer to stake on the mixed model. Companies accept both fiat and crypto-assets; this is why an eye-catching CRM system needs to support the most in-demand traditional currencies and digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano.

A built-in exchanger is one more reason to integrate a high-class solution. Reliable CRMs connect your brokerage company to a web interface where users may exchange fiat for crypto or one digital asset for another. The interface is integrated through the REST API connection.

#3. Get in touch with reports and a company’s activity

The reporting feature is outlined among the core ones while talking about a Forex CRM system. Such software lets business owners know everything about trading activity and connects brokers to a wide network of reports. Get in touch with the total number of clients, trading volumes, and rewards. When something goes wrong, reports are the best alerts, providing business owners with enough time to introduce changes.

On a trader’s side, a system unlocks numerous reports as well. Clients control their deposits and withdrawals, analyze trades, and more to upgrade their skills.

#4. Integration of PSPs

Signed-up traders need to access a set of payment options to deposit their money and use assets for trading. Innovative and eye-catching CRMs unlock tens of PSPs available to be integrated: QIWI Wallet, Skrill, PayPal, and a broad list of other providers. Brokerage companies are claimed to attract clients from around the world; this is why the more PSPs are integrated – the better.

Some CRM systems are even more progressive – such solutions enable brokers to integrate crypto payments. The audience of holders steadily grows; this is why such an option may increase your client base drastically. In 2021 B2BinPay was named the best provider of the year – the gateway supports more than 800 digital assets.

#5. Advanced affiliate program opportunities

Some brokerage companies are paving the path to success and high earnings on their own. Such a broker invites traders, provides them with a bunch of high-level features, and gets commissions from trades. Top-rated brokerage businesses build up affiliate programs to create another income source.

A Forex CRM solution may play a crucial role in such a process. The software manages invoices, rewards, payments, automating all the processes. High-quality systems support affiliate programs that include multiple levels to open new horizons for your brokerage business.

#6. Integration of outer technologies to upgrade a company’s functionality

Reliable FX CRM providers offer business owners a high-class solution that can boost their brokerage businesses; meanwhile, the software is compatible with outer technologies and innovations. Those integrations make your company even more functional and competitive in the Forex market.

For instance, the compatibility with a set of two-factor authentication settings and providers makes your clients’ accounts as protected as possible. Reliable solutions provide Google and Nexmo instruments by default. Another important step is the KYC verification, and brokers may integrate the Sum-Sub WebSDK solution to automate the identification process of newer entrants. The whole procedure takes place on the technology provider’s side.

#7. Deep customization to meet a broker’s needs

No matter which type of brokerage company you’ve chosen, independent brokerage or White Label Forex business, customization always does matter. All the components should be adjusted to your corporate style, and a CRM system is not the exception. Reliable providers offer deep customization of the dashboard and widgets. As such, a system is entirely designed to meet brokers’ needs.






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