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Best startups in automated crypto trading

The emergence of cryptocurrency came with probably one of the most exciting financial markets, the volatility of this market entices traders with huge gains and lots of winning opportunities.

Cryptocurrencies use the most advanced technologies to conduct worldwide transactions and bookkeeping in the blockchain, which opens the appetite for tech developers to create sophisticated platforms where traders can conduct crypto trading.

Due to the high volatility of the crypto market, only experienced traders were initially able to handle the speculations surrounding these types of currencies, as everyone else stood skeptical about how this market will evolve

However, with the increased tendency by all traders to get involved in this market, automated trading mechanisms were needed, to make sure that beginner traders also get a piece of the cake.

Paving the way for many new companies and startups to build automated trading websites and platforms, to facilitate crypto trading for all traders alike, in this guide, we will be looking at the best 3 startups in automated crypto trading.


Bitsgap is one of the best bitcoin bots that help traders become profitable while trading cryptocurrencies, despite the level of their expertise in this field.

This platform incorporates an automated bot that automatically trades for the traders, starting from selecting the best crypto exchanger, to the automatic selling and buying of trading positions in order to realize maximum profit.

Bitsgap cooperates with more than 25 crypto exchangers and makes sure it selects the best exchange rate which yields the most profit for the trader while buying or selling a cryptocurrency. 

Relying on an automated method reduces the risks associated with the high volatility of this market, because the prices are so dynamic and the algorithms used, make sure it can perfectly use the stop-loss and take-profit options, in times when you are not watching your trading position.

Bitsgap also enables traders to use the demo trading account to test any strategy without risking their money, by using virtual money in a simulation for real-life scenarios.

The user interface is quite simple and smart, so the trader can easily navigate around the website, enjoying the first 2-weeks of a free trial, followed by paid subscription fees.


Another helpful platform that utilizes the automated trading mechanism, is Cryptohopper, which was initially introduced as a tool for beginner traders, due to its simplicity and user-friendly navigation.

It has evolved so much to include all traders who are interested in trading +100 cryptocurrencies, in a full, fast automated way, which gives them the freedom from keeping their eyes glued to the charts and screens.

Cryptohopper enables the traders to use different tools alongside their trade, such as copy trading, social trading, exchange arbitration which automatically chooses the best crypto exchanges to conduct all the crypto trades.

Besides that, Cryptohopper works on the education of their traders, by the comprehensive educations section that includes tutorials, lessons, and courses, to enable their traders to keep up with their gains

Traders have the option to run a free accounts with limited indicators and tools, as well as paid subscriptions that given unlimited access to every trading tools that every trader looks for


Initially starting as a crypto exchanger, KuCoin has lately released its automated trading platform, which is a great idea to extend the line of services that this website offers

In an attempt to offer similar services to their existing clients, KuCoin strives to offer a complete set of services, starting from exchanging to trading, to auto trading, and education.

KuCoin keeps its traders engaged by offering different types of promotions and raffles to ensure their clients stay on board, trading competitions, and lucky raffles which helps the traders improve their trading skills and most importantly, their trading gains.

This totally free platform supports different methods of payment, giving the space for traders to choose the most suitable payment/withdrawal method which has the lowest commission fees.

KuCoin also established communities in more than 205 countries with more than 12 languages to keep their clients engaged in trading communication among each other, to learn from each other, and to enrich the website’s clients base.


It is probably going to be easier to trade in the cryptocurrency market, with the growing tendency to automate the trades. If websites keep creating bots that automatically run the trades for everyone, we might be minimizing the risks associated with trades.

Startups that started this movement toward automation of trade, will probably be adopted by huge tech companies that will add a lot to what we already know about automated crypto trading.

It is unknown yet if there will be any drawbacks from this tendency, but with the given time, everyone has equal chances of winning and gaining from the exciting future of cryptocurrencies.


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