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Top-5 MT4/MT5 White Label Solutions 2021

Forex is a fertile ground for business owners who want to run a brokerage company from scratch. The process includes several important steps, and a trading platform is among the crucial factors to determine how successful your business is about to be.

Trading platform as an integral part of a brokerage company

A trading platform is a core element of every brokerage company. All the deals are made on the basis of such software. Brokerage companies offering newer entrants to trade on the Forex market are numerous enough; this is why traders are looking for some competitive advantages, and a trading platform is among the factors to overrun your competitors.

A high-quality, eye-catching trading platform should carry the following characteristics onboard:

  1. A set of advanced trading indicators and tools to empower traders to implement their strategies.

  2. Numerous timeframes to follow price changes and understand further movements.

  3. Diverse order types help users protect their deals from huge losses and timely fix profits.

Why do Meta Trader solutions dominate the market?

Tens of trading platforms are available for a brokerage company; meanwhile, Meta Trader 4 and 5 are the top solutions, controlling 34.4% and 14.3% of the Forex market respectively. What is the key secret for those platforms to be several steps ahead of competitors?

Metatrader solutions provide users with the most advanced features. For instance, the highest number of suggested orders, timeframes, and available tools makes these platforms the-road-to-success decisions. Furthermore, the developer constantly upgrades released products. The Meta Trader 5 platform makes it possible for traders to build up custom advisors and indicators and leverage up to 100 indicators simultaneously.

At present, the integration of your brokerage company with MT solutions opens new horizons for your business.

What are the key advantages of WL solutions?

While talking about Meta Trader platforms, there are two possible solutions. The first and foremost option lies in the possibility of purchasing solutions in the MetaQuotes company. At the same time, prices reach $200 000, and such expenses are rarely possible for beginner brokers.

The second way empowers brokerage companies to apply to other brokers that enable newer entrants to use their MT trading platforms. A trustworthy broker has already purchased a platform and offers newcomers access under their own brand. Beginner brokers pay for White Label solutions and maintenance only – no hidden payments or fees are attached.

The best providers of MT4/MT5 WL solutions

Beginner brokers need to resolve a dilemma which MT4/MT5 White Label provider is the best to apply for. Here is the list of the most reliable providers:

The company offers Meta Trader 4 and 5 solutions to run your brokerage business in the shortest possible terms. Experienced specialists set up all the components in correspondence with your goals and preferences. Brokers get highly functional software, being ready for a jumpstart on the Forex market.

B2Broker offers a package solution that includes legal issues, high-end client support, staff training, etc. Trading platforms can be easily integrated with other B2Broker advanced solutions (B2Core, IB modules, and other effective solutions).  Changes in a WL platform functionality are made within 24 hours.

The Leverate company offers newer brokers to get package solutions that include Meta Trader 4. Such an advanced and high-demand trading platform is included in the packages LX Lite and LX Suite that offer business owners legal aspects and liquidity as well. Furthermore, MT4 is available as a separate product.

The company offers a branded trading platform with the back office and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Furthermore, Leverate guarantees clients 24/7 support, getting access to a personal manager.

  • T4B (Tools for Brokers):

T4B offers both the 4th and 5th versions of Meta Trader, offering newer brokers to run a company with minimum expenses.

Tools for Brokers offer business owners to get customized solutions with a set of instruments inbuilt. Get custom plugins, flexible settings, etc. to make your platform correspond with your preferences. MT4 and MT5 products are branded for your business. Furthermore, brokers may get liquidity solutions, market-maker models, and other tools to conquer the Forex market.

The company specializes in high-quality solutions for FX and crypto brokers. MT4 and MT5 WL solutions are designed to cut expenses for running a new brokerage company from scratch.

Brokers get fully functional and individually branded trading platforms with customized settings (discussed within the partnership). Automated execution of A-book and B-book orders, a string of available instruments, low and transparent pricing, advanced instruments to maintain your business in the Forex Premier League.

Match-Trade Technologies offers three packages to integrate MT 5 or MT4 White Label. Look through the startup, standard, and full packages to understand which features you need.

The company offers beginner brokers to get branded MT4 and MT5 solutions; meanwhile, a set of additional services is designed for business owners.

Connect the migration tools to transfer MT4 accounts to other trading platforms and vice versa. Use FXLite plugins for Metatrader platforms, making the software entirely tailored to your needs. Virtual Dealer, Anti Scalper, and other plugins are designed to be implemented on MT White Label Solutions.

This said, the number of companies offering MT4 and MT5 White Label solutions is high enough. Look through the services, pricing, and reviews to come up with the right decision.




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