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Recovering Bank Charges - 4

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The 40 days are up and I called the call centre and spoke to Gary.  The bank have apparently been trying to contact me (how?) to tell me that although they have received my request, they haven't received my £10.

Given that this is my bank, and nowadays has at least a £500 balance and I had authorised them to give me the statemtns surely they could have deducted the £10.  They don't show such reluctance when they deduct charges do they.

So, yet again, we have no progress.  Gary promised me the statements would be sent out asap, but so did his colleagues.

But, what was really troubling was that Gary already knew that the OFT was going to conduct an investigation into bank charges and he added 'so that means you probably won't get anything until the investigation is completed'.  So, yet another delaying tactic.

Keep watching this space - but for God's sake don't hold your breath! 


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