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Which Cryptos Have the Best Actual Use Case?

One of the biggest objections to crypto mass adoption is that it isn’t “real money”. And, if we want to be brutally honest, it’s still a pretty valid one. Crypto projects have ranged from comical at best, to dubious at worst, and not enough are doing a great job at showing a real life use case that everyone can understand. But there are a few projects out there that could actually be promising, and allow them to not only survive, but possibly untether themselves from Bitcoin at some point in time. Let’s take a look at some of the cryptos with the best use case at the moment.


People wrongfully jumble Bitcoin and Ether together, but they’re fundamentally different in so many ways. While both Ether and BItcoin are traded on the public market and subject to the forces of speculation, Ether has something Bitcoin has not, and that is a use case beyond simply being a digital currency.

Ether is the fuel needed to transact and operate on the Ethereum network, and as such, will always have an intrinsic value for those who want to use the network to run their own applications. Ethereum is also the platform of choice for many new cryptos, which should continue to foster demand for Ether for years to come.


At a time when people can search people records and find information on virtually anyone at a touch of a button, demand for a private way to transact money has always been at the center of crypto. And Monero is probably the first coin people think about when talking about a privacy coin.

This secrecy that Monero offers is what makes it such a valuable asset, for better or for worse. But it could also be a liberator to people in oppressive regimes trying to find safe alternative stores of value. Bitcoin has often been touted as anonymous, when in reality, everything is being broadcasted on the Blockchain. Monero however remedied this by using technology like ring signatures and stealth addresses, with permanent IP obfuscation possibly on the way.


Golem is probably one of the most exciting projects out there, with one of the strongest use cases there is. Put simply, Golem allows you to rent and harness the power of a supercomputer from any machine.

How does it do this? By using screen streaming technology that allows users to control the computer at a distance and have the information directly broadcasted on their screen. Golem’s GNT token will be used to access this computing power. This is a brilliant project which could spur many other similar ones. But more importantly, it is one that will be tangible to a larger audience, and could justify its value well beyond speculation.


Strong use case should be the very first criteria when investing in any crypto. Cryptos with the strongest use cases are also the ones most likely to rise to the top when the inevitable happens and the wheat is separated from the chaff.



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