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Finding inflation - or rather deflation - with real time data.

The Economist article also describes how policy makers and central banks often have to resort to outdated price data and how sudden important changes typically are in a global economy. So when they find the data the important trends may already have emigrated to the next big thing.

As we have moved from soon mandatory e-Invoicing+e-Receipts to Real Time VAT we can also see how this not only produces enormous cost (and important CO2) savings and kills most of the grey economy but also produces a full real time picture of all purchases - where the money goes. Be it before or after salary increases, product news, tax changes, legislation or regional efforts.

All without endangering business secrets and for sure being a great equalizer for the all-important SME sector. And naturally building on GDPR and making data protected and useful for the citizen.

So it is only a question of time before this helps inflation/deflation trackers. See on a daily basis what has been paid for, where and by what kind of buyers and how it reacts to income changes. And this is a byproduct of cost- and stress saving Real Time Economy ecosystems. And of course the some 1400 billion purchase lines in Europe contain a large number other important data - like CO2..

Why not move faster?




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