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Using Word to compose your blog post? Take care!

If you're using Microsoft Word to compose your blog post - I recommend you just use it to write the text - don't bother with any formatting.

Paste it into our system using the paste from Word or paste as plain text buttons - these are the little clipboard icons with a small W or T on them in our blog editor pane - (see below). Click them and a new window will pop up - simply paste into that window and close it. This in theory strips out all the weirdness and leaves you with nice clean text.

Then save your post, re-edit it and you can apply any formatting such as bold and hyperlinks.

Be warned if you just paste straight into the main editor pane from Word or other Microsoft Office documents you may find it ends up all corrupted and unreadable.

Remember when editing your blog post to save your work every ten minutes or so - our editor will time you out if you leave it too long. You'll find more tips in our HELP page in the left hand navigation.

Happy blogging!

The paste from Word and paste as Text buttons

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