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Brexit: Why not put Article 50 on the backburner

Does it not make sense to pause for breath in this process. I believe we need to be able to negotiate a more favourable deal than that on the table at present but we cannot do that under the time pressure caused by the proximity of 29 March.

Therefore, why not cancel Article 50 and then re-instate it with at least 2 years before we are due to leave.

Then, use that time to fully prepare for the potential of a no-deal Brexit. That would give us a far stronger negotiating position.

At present the EU believes that a no-deal Brexit is unthinkable for the UK but when they see us fully prepared we would be negotiating on a far more level playing field. It also honours the result of the referendum.

We can't then be rushed into a commitment that will dictate the future of the United Kingdom, not for just a few monthe, but for generations to come.


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