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Bio Richard is the CEO and Co-Founder of, the online tool that gives those in or nearing retirement peace of mind by empowering them to plan for their financial future. Career History Richard has spent the majority of his career in the Banking and Commercial Real Estate Sectors. Starting his career at Barclays Bank in 1964, he moved to Standard Chartered as a Credit Analyst in 1969, subsequently moving to the Bankers Trust Group in the same role in 1973.At Bankers Trust he und



Brexit: Why does the Irish border cause so many problems?

13 Dec 2018

Would it make sense for the UK government to state that the Northern Ireland/Ireland border can stay open permanently on two conditions: 1. Ireland stays outside the Schengen Agreement and, 2. Ireland undertakes to act responsibly in not allowing people or goods to pass through its ports if they are clearly destined for the UK and are seeking to av...


Brexit: Why not put Article 50 on the backburner

12 Dec 2018

Does it not make sense to pause for breath in this process. I believe we need to be able to negotiate a more favourable deal than that on the table at present but we cannot do that under the time pressure caused by the proximity of 29 March. Therefore, why not cancel Article 50 and then re-instate it with at least 2 years before we are due to leave...


The Budget 2015 and the future of Pensions

06 Aug 2015

How has the Budget affected the pension scene – and how might these and future changes impact your long-term retirement prospects? Successive changes made to the pension rules by the Coalition and the new Conservative government will save the Treasury billions. Last year the OBR estimated that Gordon Brown’s maverick raid on pension funds in 1997 w...


Pensions freedom: why the market now needs to look ahead

17 Apr 2015

Pensions freedom: what’s not to like? The ability to maximise your retirement income by investing in other products apart from boring old annuities… the chance to cash in part of your savings and enjoy that trip down Route 66 you’ve always promised yourself… and, of course, the opportunity to pay down some of the expensive debts many of us in ou...