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Budget Apps And Personal Finance Tools

Everyone wishes to make budgets and save better and the tech world provides a stream of apps as well as tools which can lend a hand. Here are certain tools and apps that fall in this category.

These can help you organize your different bill payments or simply allow you to control your flow of funds from bank accounts. The bonus aspect is that these tools come free.

Best apps for overall saving and budget

Mint falls in this category and can be considered as a golden standard; it takes the top spot for several reasons; it automatically updates itself, categorizes different transactions and allows users to add on different categories, split their ATM transactions, pay bills, set budget to alert and so forth. The service also includes free credit score service.

Acorn is another budgeting app that acts as a saving tool; users can save money as they harvest change every time they swipe a card they link to this app. When a transaction costs $1.50, Acorn rounds it up to the next full figure that is $2; it then sends across the 50 cents to an investment portfolio; there are reasonable fees charged and the funds are invested in exchange traded funds.

The best app for hands on budgeters

You Need a Budget is robust software that is a handy tool for hardcore budgeters. However, this software comes with a 34 day of free trial after which it becomes chargeable. Students can provide their ID proof and get an additional year free. The latest iteration of the software imports transactions directly from bank accounts; they need to be manually categorized by users. The tool offers an envelope system which allocates income availability with a lid on how much to spend.

Best app for simplified budgeting

This app called Pocket Guard can help in bare bones budgeting. This app makes it simple by crunching out numbers to showcase amount left for spending after accounting for different expenses like p2p lending as well as savings goals. Users can view the money left in their pocket every day, every week or a month. This helps to curtail spending such as clothing, eating out or groceries as well as help to lower the bills.

Ideal app to track and pay bills

This is an app that helps users to check bills and account balances on the same platform. Bills can also be paid from the app directly or as per scheduled payment. It offers notification of due dates and payment confirmation.

The best tool that will evaluate investment accounts

Personal Capital is a tool that offers investment checkup for the users. It is a management service for investments and combines algorithms by robo advisors as well as financial experts from the market. Clients can invest their assets with this venture as well as select from certain financial tools that are made available for free. It also offers a fee analyzer as well as retirement planner.

  • Albert

This is an app that acts as your personal financial assistant. It will take care of all your financial planning, from budgeting to saving as well as helping to reduce debt. It is a free application that can track all banks and other financial accounts and savings. There are recommendations that help to improve financial health as well. Users need to pay a monthly fee to use Albert Genius features. It can help to plan paying off a debt, save for a goal and so forth.

Most of the apps or tools mentioned here are free though certain versions or features they offer come for a price. Ensure that you review the different features of an app or tool you choose to ensure that it would help you with your specific financial or budgeting needs. This shortlisted list of apps and tools will help you decide on what applications are popular and best rated this year.


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