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Will Artificial Intelligence Modify the Work Offices?

The arrival of Artificial Intelligence to offices cannot be stopped. Far from relegating employees, AI serves as a tool to streamline, automate and improve production processes within an organization.

iPhone app development enables the development of applications that use AI to analyze an enormous amount of data and look for specific patterns, expanding the options of the managers and incorporating systematization into a process that requires a lot of intuition. Thanks to the fact that it is made to learn from experience, AI obtains, with each new exercise, a better idea of what administrators look for.



Artificial Intelligence to improve production processes

In different branches and industries, AI allows accelerating and enhancing processes thanks to its capacity for constant improvement based on experience.

The Artificial Intelligence collects and processes data from a lot of sources, even bigger than that a human alone could do. They identify specific points, eliminate what is not necessary, expand their network and can manage the information to provide the administrator with a clear answer to what they are looking for.

However, the use of Artificial Intelligence not only serves to support production processes but also to maintain them and monitor the employees themselves to keep them productive. iPhone app development allows the integration of AI into iPhone apps.

The use of AI allows the employer to identify abnormalities that lower the worker's productivity, if he performs a malicious act, and even if he intends to leave the company, which is identified according to several analyzes. Such as changes in habits, distance physical with other partners and even the number of bosses that you have had. Knowing this information helps the employer pay more attention to the valuable members of their organization to avoid their performance going into a tailspin and, finally, leaving the company.

The Artificial Intelligence is still new, so its limits and possibilities are still being explored.

The reality of Artificial Intelligence in companies

The technological boom of recent years has changed the way people see the world. Things that previously seemed to us exclusive of science fiction, today are a reality that as in the case of AI, is becoming a real trend for its ability to process data and approach human perception and the functioning of the brain.

We no longer only give data to a machine, with AI, we make decisions based on the exchange of machine-machine information in such a way that it reaches the point where the machines become totally autonomous. The importance of Artificial Intelligence is such that it is expected that by 2019, companies invest more than 31 billion dollars in cognitive systems. But do not go so far, for 2017 had a boom in the market with AI that it exceeded 300% investment in 2016 and it’s only going to get bigger.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies that dominate the current market

1. Biometrics: Artificial Intelligence It is also meddlesome in the field of medicine because this technology allows to identify, measure and analyze the physical and behavioral characteristics of people, allowing a more natural interaction between humans and machines.

2. Machine learning platforms: Machine learning is the subfield of computer science and a aspect of AI which seeks to develop methods that let computers study. Companies use it mainly to make predictions or classifications.

3. Virtual agents: A virtual agent is a computer or program that is capable of interacting with humans, such as chatbots. This type of Artificial Intelligence is usually used for customer service and the administration of Smart Homes.

4. Speech Recognition: Cell phone companies use this technology, in addition to many others that add up. It consists of transcribing and transforming human language into useful formats for computers.

5. Generation of natural language: This subfield of Artificial Intelligence is to create text from the data obtained, allowing computers to communicate ideas accurately and accurately. The customer service, the generation of reports and the summary of findings are its main markets.

Thus, many Artificial Intelligence technologies are becoming the right arm of various companies in the world with the great advantage that it is not exclusive to large companies. Small and medium-sized companies can also acquire them and, without a doubt, they will be very useful to have a healthy growth. These technologies can be integrated into apps developed by iPhone app development company.

What benefits does Artificial Intelligence give to companies?

AI helps improve production processes while lowers costs and increases productivity, giving multiple benefits to your business.

It is important to note that the use of AI in all types of companies is advancing by leaps and bounds, so much so that the projection for this year is that 68% of companies use some type of AI to streamline their production processes.

Undoubtedly, this growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence in different companies tells us that it offers multiple benefits to them at different levels, with production being one of the most used.

Benefits of the use of Artificial Intelligence

Companies benefit in three different ways using AI

• Improving their production processes

• Lowering the costs

• Increasing productivity

Together, these three factors generate an increase in the profitability of companies that use AI.

Thus, the automation of processes thanks to the AI allows to give more accurate diagnoses and, therefore, to increase the capacity to produce some good. In turn, production through the use of AI reduces the cost of a product because the investment in a machine (which also works faster and without rest) is less than what is done to pay a worker.

The improvement and decrease of production costs caused by the use of AI generate in turn higher productivity, both for companies that use this technology and for the countries where these processes are carried out.

Finally, the effective application of Artificial Intelligence generates tangible benefits for companies that use it in all sectors of the production process, improving the productivity and profitability of the organization.

Artificial Intelligence: key for entrepreneurs

The arrival of Artificial Intelligence has represented a revolution for the whole world, including labor, where it has had a strong impact and becoming indispensable for some types of industry.

Artificial Intelligence applied in SMEs

Artificial Intelligence not only serves for manufacturing processes in large factories of the automotive or food industry, but it is also necessary for the classification of information. AI helps automate processes, faster and less expensive which will result in profit for the entrepreneur who wants to invest in it.

For example, there are Chatbots, an AI that, through computers and robots, perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. These Chatbots are ideal for any SME since they can provide customer service 24/7 and can also serve dozens of people at the same time.

As happened with iPhone app development, the internet, and new technologies, adapting to AI will take time. However, it is necessary to understand AI to know which can be applied successfully in your SME and, in this way, help you optimize processes and productivity, reflected in profits for your organization.

There are many top app development companies that incorporate AI into their apps. If you want to manage your business easily, contact an experienced app developers India.


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