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Merrill mulling Bloomberg stake sale

Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain has fuelled new speculation that the investment bank is considering selling its 20% stake in US financial information company Bloomberg.

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Just how much is Thomson Reuters worth?

Further to my previous post on Merrill Lynch's ruminations over whether or not to shed its 20% stake in Bloomberg (Just how rich is Michael Bloomberg?), maybe we should also be asking: Just how much is Thomson Reuters worth?

Shares in the vendor rose 48p to £13.07 Monday as brokers began to re-evaluate the company in light of the £3 billion to £6 Billion valuations attached to Merrill's stake in Bloomberg.

Citigroup noted that a deal at this price would value Thomson Reuters at somewhere between £18.70 and £32.50 per share.

However, the broker added: "Unfortunately a re-rating of Thomson Reuters is not a certainty even if Merrill is successful in selling the Bloomberg stake in the speculated range, given the level of uncertainty over the outlook for the financial services end-market."


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