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Would You Like To Earn Money To Use Open Banking?

The Cambridge News is winning the prize for the most eyecatching Open Banking headline this week.

"Massive changes are coming to banking - and you could get £150 out of it - What is Open Banking and how will it affect me?"

Without hesitation, I started reading through the usual Open Banking introductory information to see how I could claim my £150.

The final paragraph asks "Are there any incentives at the moment?"

To my surprise, there apparently are.

By simply opening a HSBC bank account, you will receive £150 and enjoy all the goodness of Open Banking into the bargain.

I am debating whether this is a marketing masterstroke by HSBC to help promote Open Banking and their own offerings or whether the journalist has lost the plot.

Whether it be intentional or accidental, it is a creative way to 'sell' the virtues of Open Banking and it would be interesting to see how a similar headline would go down in the mainstream press.

You can check the article out here:

Ps I have no affiliation with either the Cambridge News or HSBC. 


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