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Simple Desk Exercises for Forex Traders

Desk exercises can be the best strategy for an ache-free trading session. A profession in forex trading means spending plenty of time on the computer. If you are a busy forex trader, it means you are at trading desk for a good portion of the day. These long hours can eventually cause harmful effects on the body.

Disadvantages of Prolonged Sitting:

  • Develops muscle pain most especially in the back

  • Promotes bad circulation that could lower productivity

  • Induces mental fatigue and stress that can easily influence judgement

  • Slows down metabolism which affects overall health and performance

  • Raises the risk of health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Physical performance is as important as management and execution when making a profitable trade. Make sure to prevent these side effects from taking its toll and be aware of your body conditions.

Best Tips for Prevention:

  1. Ergonomic Desk Equipment - Don’t scrimp on the best desk chairs and desk accessories.

  2. Staying Fit and Active - Plan a 30 minute physical activity into your daily routine. Building a healthy and active lifestyle will keep the body and mind energized and ready for work. For accuracy, start by using a Pedometer to track your activity for the day.

  3. Simple Desk Exercises!  - Desk exercises can help reduce muscle pain and prevent body aches due to long hours of desk work.

Strains on the body is inevitable for all kinds of desk jobs. For forex traders, physical stress can lead to an inefficient performance and a more tense trading environment. According to The Washington Post, you should not be on your desk for a total of two hours while at work. This means you need to have movement off your workstation once an hour. The best way to spend this time is to have a quick stretch and a few desk exercises.

Desk exercise is the best remedy for aches and pains caused by being on the computer for periods of time.  Whether you are in the middle of a long trading session or studying charts, simple desk exercises can help relax both body and mind. For daily productivity, here are simple desk exercises suitable for forex traders:

For an Exhausted Body

Full body stretches are one of the best ways to instantly relieve tension. Whether you trade for just 1 hour a day or maybe 4, these stretches have proven to be most effective before and after hours of desk work. If you work longer hours, a full body stretch is also the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of trading.

Best Full Body Desk Exercise: Standing Side Stretch

The Standing Side Stretch is a valuable body stretch for forex traders because it opens up the body to prepare for trade or when finishing a session. It benefits the arms and spine - two areas most strained while working.

  1. Stand up straight with arms on the side.

  2. Raise both hands high up in the air and stretch the arms. You also have the option to hold an object or a gym ball.

  3. Slowly bend the body to the side with both arms still up or holding the ball. Make sure to carefully stretch your muscles during the bend. Repeat on the other side.

For an Aching Back

If there is one kind of desk exercise to should include in your daily routine, it should be a back exercise. Back pain is statistically the most common sore spot for desk workers. Because trading hours are spent on the computer, prolonged sitting and bad posture can greatly affect the spine. It is important to stand up and stretch hourly or every 30 minutes to lessen the pain and prevent further back problems.

Best Upper and Lower Back Stretches: Yoga Poses

Since forex traders can spend hours on a desk chair, an aching back is the most difficult to remedy and pain levels vary from one person to the other. Specific yoga poses are designed to treat backaches and avoid long term muscle pain. These poses also relax the mind for a chance to rejuvenate between trades.

For Tired Legs

Even though your legs don’t seem to have too much strain, pressure from sitting on a chair can still contribute to a tired lower body. All you need to do is constantly change positions or elevate your feet to avoid leg cramps.

Best Leg Movement: Basic Leg Stretch

While changing leg positions, a basic leg stretch on your desk chair can help avoid cramping. This stretch is a great movement to lessen any pressure without completely disrupting workflow.

  1. While on your desk chair, hang on to the armrests or seat and tighten your core.

  2. Raise one leg up as slow as possible until you feel the stretch. The slow lift of the leg prevents sudden spasms

  3. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and release. You may also rotate your foot for more relief while the leg is raised. Repeat on the other leg.

For Overworked Hands and Wrists

Working on the computer during a trade means using the keyboard and mouse for a certain amount of time. This involves a repetitive movement of hands and wrists. Over time, the constant force and pressure on the hands can possibly lead to carpal tunnel. To prevent this from happening, first be mindful if your hand starts to feel any slight ache. When it does, take a break and do some hand stretches every fifteen minutes as needed.

Best Desk Exercises for Hands and Wrists: Carpal Tunnel Prevention

The last thing forex traders need is carpal tunnel. To prevent carpal tunnel from affecting your trading career, there are simple desk exercises you can try. Exercises like Spiders Doing Pushups on a Mirror, The Shake or Stretch Armstrong are great hand workouts for carpal tunnel prevention.

For Strained Eyes

Forex trading involves working on the computer or watching the news channel often. With constant use of smartphones and tablets, exposure to electronic devices can lead to strained vision. Symptoms include headaches, eye twitches and lightheadedness.

Most Refreshing Eye Routine: The 20-20-20 Routine

Trading with multiple computer screens may lead to strained eyes. According to the Visian ICL Blog, the 20-20-20 rule helps prevent digital eye strain. This routine can be done during breaks away from the computer or before doing an hourly desk exercise. By doing this, you are minimizing the use of one device to another.

  • 20 MINUTES - Take your eyes off the computer every 20 minutes. While doing this, make sure to blink, scan the room or roll your eyes.

  • 20 FEET - Focus on an object (not the TV!) that is about 20 feet away from you. This helps reduce fatigue or any discomfort.

  • 20 SECONDS - Look away from the screen for at least 20 seconds.

For a Weary Neck

One of the most common causes of headaches is muscle strain in the neck and shoulders. When in the middle of a tense trading session, neck stretches give muscle as well as stress relief . Other benefits include strengthening of neck muscles and release of pressure.

Best Desk Exercise for the Neck: Side Bend Neck Exercise

The side bend neck exercise is perfect for busy forex traders. It relaxes the neck while still allowing you to keep an eye on the screen.

  1. Sit up straight and place your hands on your lap.

  2. Begin to slowly bend the neck on one side while bringing the ear and shoulder closer. For more control, raise your arm over the head

  3. Hold for about 15 seconds and then repeat three times on both sides. Put the same amount of pressure on each bend

For a Sore Behind

Whether on a desk chair or on the couch, sitting for too long will have its negative effects on the buttocks. A short walk can sometimes ease a painful behind. But sometimes, the gluteal muscles can feel so sore that this might not be enough.

Best Pain Relief for the Buttocks: The Foam Roller Exercise

When a quick walk won’t do, the use of a foam roller is an excellent way to soothe an aching bum. Foam rollers can be a great investment if your whole body usually aches from desk work. It can also be used to massage any other painful spots of the body like calves, hips or back. For mild pain caused by prolonged sitting, foam roller exercises can be done around the desk area. The exercise targets knots and pressure points mimicking the feeling of a massage.

  1. Find your sore spot and place your weight on the roller.

  2. Use your arms to support the body and make sure to have a comfortable position before moving

  3. Slowly move back and forth while balancing. You will instantly feel a relief from the massaging of the muscles.

For Worn-out Arms

Overstrained arms can lead to more stress on the neck and shoulders. When working on a computer or laptop, there is a tendency to put weight on the arms especially when fatigue kicks in. Keep in mind to always do an arm stretch as needed.

Best Arm Stretches and Desk Exercise: Open Arm Chest Stretch

There are plenty of helpful desk stretches for the arms. The Open Arm Chest Stretch is the best choice for traders because it provides instant relief without taking attention away from a task. The stretch also opens up the chest and back together with the arms.

  1. While sitting or standing, open your arms as wide as possible

  2. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds

*Note: Please approach all featured desk exercises caution. Do not exert too much pressure and always be mindful of what your body can handle.

These desk exercises are only effective if they are practiced daily. In the long run, the sedentary nature of a forex trading career can be straining on the body. Keep in mind to constantly reduce the chances of aches and strains that may affect forex trading efficiency. With the help of stretches and body movements, desk exercises can improve health and provide muscle relief on the body.



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