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Numbers - Security failures and scary statistics

A little reality check on the security front. 

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in public places in the U.K.: 5 million
Average number of times a Briton is filmed on CCTV in one day: 300
Crime reduction in UK credited to CCTV: 5%
Americans using the same password for most online accounts: 63%
Average number of people with access to a patient’s records during a hospitalization: 150
Computers that are daily controlled by malicious bots: 40%
Unique samples of malicious software discovered in 2007: 5 million
Increase in number of unique samples of malicious software over 2006: 5X
Average time before an unprotected online computer becomes infected with a virus: 20 minutes
Hours of victim’s personal time required to reclaim stolen identity: 600

Personal-data records compromised by security breaches last year: 162 million
Total arrests made in conjunction with these security breaches: 19
Cost to companies per compromised record last year: $197
Estimated cost of all compromised records last year: $32 billion
Size of the worldwide security software market in 2007: $9.1 billion
Growth rate of security costs over IT budgets: 3X
Total losses worldwide due to phishing attacks last year: $3 billion
Estimated cyber crime market size: $100 billion
Global mobile operators hit by mobile device infections last year: 83%
IT executives who do not monitor their databases for suspicious activity: 40%
Organizations world wide that have separate information security departments: 27%
Cost of corporate espionage to the world’s 1,000 largest companies: $45 billion
Corporate security breaches perpetrated by employees or contractors: 70%

+600 million man hours to reclaim ID's for every million people robbed of their ID. Wasn't there 8 million Americans stung with ID fraud last year? 

Rough back of the napkin losses ~$180 billion+ and we spend $9.1 billion to not 'fix' it?

Wow, what a market. Someone's enjoying the boom and I'd say it's only just beginning with those figures. Won't it bust us though?

Maybe not if we use mobile phones...

Some mobile solutions don't appear to be quite as at-risk to infections as others.


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