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Recovering Bank Charges - 2

I rang the Alliance & Leicester this morning and spoke to the Call Centre and explained that I had read a lot about the recovery of charges and wanted to know what I had to do to query and possibly recover mine.

The very nice lady explained that they would send me a form and I had to complete it and return it with 10 pounds and that the bank then had 40 days in which to respond.

We’ll wait for the form.

In the meantime I have just been hit by another overdraft daily charge of £25 which means they haven’t amended their charges despite the fuss and the fact that the Consumer Action Group advise that Alliance & Leicester have repaid £284,292 to customers so far in disputed charges payments repayments as reported to them.

Since 1st January I have been charged £122.76 in bank charges, the most I have ever gone overdrawn since Jan 1st is £412, which is £62 over my limit.  Which do you think is better for the bank; £5 a month for the facility, or £122 for the so-called abuse of it?  Yet requests to increase my overdraft limit are always met with a refusal.

Keep you posted, but let me have your input too at the end of this article or personally, if you wish.



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Elton Cane
Elton Cane - News Corp Australia - Brisbane 21 March, 2007, 14:47Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Good luck with this process John. Reading about the illegality of the charges in the press, I too went through my old bank statements to see how much the bank had stung me for. In my case it was only about $120 over the past two years. But I sent off a letter anyway, and got one back from my bank (Barclays) within a week. They said that they were acting legally, but just so there were no hard feelings they had credited my account by £60. Now I had to decide whether it was worth pursuing further - with potential small claims fees, multiple letters etc. - or just be happy with the return on my efforts so far. I'd like to say that I continued the battle on principle, but laziness took over.

What's interesting is that Barclays didn't just offer me a small payout - they actually credited me the hush money and then sent a letter - so unless I explicitly told them I didn't want their percentage payout of what I claimed to be owed, the matter would be settled.

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