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8 Benefits of Application Sourcing

First off, I hate the term outsourcing.  It has such a negative connotation in today's IT arena.  I prefer the term sourcing, thus when tallking to an IT director we can have a conversation more about their direct needs.  It is always not neccessary to outsource to a company, sometimes adding skilled resources is what companies need.  I feel that a flexible "sourcing" model is what customers are actually looking for.  With this in mind, what benfits can be gained?

1. Innovation

Application Sourcing ensures that applications are optimally managed, allowing development to spend more time on new innovations so they can take important business decisions and provide support faster and more effectively.

2. Increased performance

Lowers maintenance cost and intervals be sychronizing design, development and testing efforts.

3. Business continuity

Reduces the risk of IT downtime.  The team employs best practices, which helps increase efficiency further when devloping and implementating systems.

4. Platform stability

Accelerates development through simplified integration and interconnected systems.  Through DevOps, improved cooperation and knowledge sharing between service groups is seen for better coordination.

5. Better end-user experience

Higher quality applications will not only result in better user experience, but also provide more productive business interations with internal and external users.

6. Higher productivity

The monthly number of man-hours spent in meetings is greatly reduced in organizations with a proactive apporach to Application Management.

7. Reduced need to rely on expensive, external experts

Application sourcing achieves the maximum result from investments in skills, processes and technologies with a "factor-style" end-to-end application managment.

8. Reduces total cost of ownership

Increases flexibiltiy by reducing the time required to build and implement applications.


By constantly fine-tuning, it is also possible to minimize the impact of poor performance and reduce overall service costs be discovering hidden inefficiencies.


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