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China and my personal investments

Whether the market turmoil flowing out of China was simply late summer jitters whilst the Masters of the Universe sunned themselves in the Med and their juniors panic at the wheel, or something more serious, is anyone’s guess.

What I do know is what I see with my own eyes, and the last couple of weeks have had one very clear lesson for me personally. Looking across my personal investments it’s hard not to conclude crowdfunding is simply a better investment option for someone like me.

Finding myself in the novel and unprecedented situation of having a tiny bit of spare cash recently I decided to be a good boy for once. I invested the money across different asset classes, diversifying my risk. Gold star. Given the balances involved my options were simple - invest into tracker funds or through crowdfunding.

Whilst the tracker funds didn’t give me upfront or real time visibility of exactly what I’ve invested in, they felt like the safe plodding thing to do first. Then I started investing through crowdfunding. Far from feeling “racy” I found the crowdfunding investment experience far more comfortable. I invested across term debt, bonds and equity. I felt closer to decisions being made and therefore more comfortable with the choices I was making. It did still feel a little pioneering, daring even as an approach however. Forgive me the dramatics, I lead a quiet life! Then China started to wobble.

Everyday the summary of my tracker funds portfolio have taken me on a rollercoaster ride. Down, up, back down, down, up. It’s hairy, and whilst I have good access to my funds, it’s a constant worry about what to do, and when.

Then there’s my crowdfunding investments. The term loans continue to pay me good interest. The first bond coupon is on course to be paid in a couple of weeks. And I feel quietly excited about my small equity investment in a growing tech business that makes sense to me.

It’s only one man’s experience, and things may change, but on the basis of my own experience of the last few weeks, I’m not sure what other conclusion to draw.



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