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Three Top Tech Stocks to Invest in this Summer

What tech stocks to focus on in July!

The Tech Giants to Focus On

Investors with an eye on tech stocks have endured their fair share of ups and downs of late. The recent tech stocks price correction has reduced stock prices and made many companies more attractive propositions. Google (GOOG) will soon be reporting its quarterly earnings and there is general consensus that earnings per share (EPS) will come in at $6.70 on revenues of $17.75 billion. In 2014, Google earnings per share were reported at $6.08 on revenues of $15.96 billion. Google (GOOG) is presently trading at $530.13 per share (up 1.81%). The recommendation summary for the stock is a strong buy at a rating of 1.0. On the scale of strong buy (1.0) – sell (5.0), Google is a strong buy. The price target summary suggests a mean target price of $645, with a high of $680 and a low of $580.00.

Of the last three upgrades and downgrades, Google has moved between neutral and buy, with no sell action recommended.  The 52-week range has a low price of $486.23 and a high price of $598.01. The 3 month average trading volume is 1,732,930 and the company has a market capitalization of $361.77 billion. The price/earnings ratio is 25.06. Sentiment has been mixed on Google stock with analysts at Goldman Sachs opting for a neutral rating in late June,  Morgan Stanley recommended a hold rating on the stocks and JMP Securities opted for an outperform rating. Overall though, the vast number of analysts perceives Google (GOOG) as a strong buy or buy. Traders who learn binary options trading methods are placing long-term call options on Google stock at leading brokerages. The company is primarily focused on OS, platforms, search, advertising and hardware. Google operates in over 100 languages, in 50 countries and regions around the world.  

Twitter Shows Promise with Strong User Base

Wall Street has shown tremendous disappointment with Twitter over the past year, and the resultant decline in its stock value is testament to that. With Twitter down over 35%, investors have been able to see greater value at current prices. Jack Dorsey is now the acting CEO of Twitter. He is also the company’s Chairman and co-founder. This makes the case for investor caution, but there are also opportunities to be had with Twitter at this time. Since the company had over 302 million active monthly users during Q1 2015, there is a sharp appreciation of 18% in growth over the same period in 2014. Compared to Facebook’s growth, Twitter is lagging in terms of absolute numbers. The company is gearing up for major multimedia upgrades and strong growth is expected through 2015 and beyond.

Twitter is currently priced at $34.91 per share, with a 3 month average trading volume is 21.7 million. The company’s 52-week price range recorded a low of $33.51 and a high of $55.99. That Twitter is trading so close to its 1-year low price is an indication that there is significant upside potential. The company’s market capitalization is $23.45 billion. It should be pointed out that there is no price earnings figure and negative earnings per share. In terms of Banc De Binary analysts’ recommendations, Twitter, Inc (TWTR) is rated at 2.6 where a strong buy is a rating of 1.0 and a sell is a rating of 5.0. The mean price target is $45.93, with a high of $60.00 and a low of $26.00. The research firm MKM Partners recently downgraded Twitter (TWTR) from a buy to neutral on the 16 June. The overall recommendation trends for Twitter are heavily slanted towards a hold, with a large number of analysts favouring buy and strong buy positions.

Making the Case for Facebook Stock

During the last quarter, Facebook (FB) grew by 13%. This figure is substantial given the massive user base of the company. At last count, Facebook had over 1.44 billion active monthly users. The company has been performing exceptionally well of late, but many analysts say the best is yet to come from Facebook. Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg is about ready to start generating profits off Instagram which has over 300 million monthly active users – as much as Twitter. Now that Facebook (FB) has implemented video ads, the profit potential is significant. Facebook is branching out into the virtual reality market too, and Zuckerberg’s $2 billion purchase of Oculus is a case in point. Facebook could be at the forefront of the virtual reality industry which is expected to surge within a couple of years.

Facebook (FB) is currently priced at $87.95 per share. The recommendation summary for the stock is 1.8 which is a strong buy on the 1 – 5 ratings scale. The stock has a price target summary mean target of $97.76, with a high of $120.00 and a low of $68.00. The overwhelming majority of analysts have initiated buy actions on Facebook since late 2014. These include the following research firms: Monness Crespi & Hardt, MKM Partners, Brean Capital and Mizuho. The recommendation trends show strong buy and buy signals strongly dominating over hold and sell trends. The 52-week range for Facebook (FB) stock shows a low of $66.04 and a high of $89.40. The 3 month average volume is 24,547,300 and the company has a market capitalization of $246.52 billion. The earnings per share figure is $1.03 and the price/earnings ratio is 85.14.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp – a multimedia messaging service. That WhatsApp has yet to start monetizing its services is another potential cash cow waiting for Facebook. With so much growth potential in the wings, Facebook stock remains as viable and bullish as ever. 


Three Top Tech Stocks to Invest in this Summer

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