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Banks are loosing touch with their customers

I recently read an article article that points out that banks are loosing touch with their customer base. Less people like the way banks treat them when the bank serve them electronically. Very quickly thereafter people start commenting and quite a few concludes that mobile payments is the best answer to this challenge.. But is it? Is it just "issue a wallet and the problem goes away."? I don't think so. Honestly, I'm a bank user myself and my clear recommendation is that banks should fix their old fashioned mobile banking app first. In a 2015 banking app I would expect hassle free logins, ability to add new beneficiaries and proper payment history overview. Banks are approaching a future where many people are going to NEVER use an ordinary PC for their online banking (20% already in Norway) so overhauling the mobile banking customer experience is overdue for most banks. So, I agree that the banks should start moving, but a good start would be to improve their basic banking functionality.

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