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A slice of real life from 40 yards away

I have written seventeen blogs at Finextra, all about banking technology.  But not like this one.

Don't ask me why I'm stepping out of my usual mould, but the weather in Atlanta was beautiful.  Day after Memorial Day seemed to contribute a feeling of peace.  I was in my usual grouchy business mood until I went on my workout at the Bobby Jones Golf course.  When I returned, I sat at a bench to watch a training session in progress at the practice green.  It had more appeal from a distance than a red carpet Hollywood event at the ropes.

This was the scene:  fourteen kids average age of eight.  Two interns in their teens.  One trainer in charge.  I was 40 yards away so I could have been wrong, but not likely as I know my grandsons and learned the art of extrapolation.  Let me continue with the "landscape."  Whenever I read about groups today, it seems labels take over.  In banking, it's all about the millennials.  I couldn't tell about this group and I couldn't care less.  But I admit to being haunted by the mix of boys and girls.  I still couldn't tell because 40 yards is a challenge.  They all looked the same to me - happy.  You try it some time.

Maybe because I have been the trainer myself at times, I selfishly focused on the trainer.  He was 40ish.  Wore a black cowboy hat, orange tee shirt and black pants.  His attire meant nothing as I watched his real skills demonstrated.

This man captured the attention of 14 kids.  He kept up the pace by issuing commands constantly.  The 14 reacted.  He threw golf balls at them that they retrieved.  He issued commands that I couldn't hear but the 14 moved in unison.  When the 14 putted, you could tell the winners from the losers if getting it into the cup was the only test.  But all cheered.

If I were a lover of the ballet, this would have impressed me as much as a performance at the Metropolitan.  But wait, this was just a bunch of kids doing what millions of kids do when school ends for the summer.

I didn't applaud but I felt good that our country is in good hands, thanks to people who care about the young.

Disclosure:  I usually make more than 20 revisions to a draft before I post it.  I made none to this one.  I believe the training worked on me too.  You got the real me.


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