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Americans not interested in m-banking

Despite efforts by financial institutions to provide and promote mobile banking and payments services, over half of US consumers - 53% - have no interest in using their handsets for banking or commerc...

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Americans not interested in 'insecure' mobile banking

The interpretation of any survey is influenced by the motives behind the survey and the viewpoint of the reader.

My interpretation of this survey is 'Americans don't want mobile based banking and shopping if it means exposing themselves to the same type of risks of fraud and ID theft as exists with internet banking and shopping'.

Perhaps the outcome would be different if this question was included:

'Would you like to use your mobile for safe anonymous purchases in-store and on the internet and to protect your ID and credit record?'

We're seeing this as an opportunity to provide customers with unrivalled convenience and security.

I predict that there will be four main western banks and two in China and two in India doing 90% of all retail account transactions by 2015. The ony question is which of the current banking names will lead the way.


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