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Suruchi Gupta

Founder and CEO at GIANT Protocol
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Bio Currently the CEO of GIANT Protocol. GIANT is a leading-edge web3 protocol building a decentralized connectivity economy working towards empowering the world to build a more open and inclusive internet, accessible to anyone, owned by everyone Career History I have extensive telecom, consumer software and blockchain experience. After immigrating from India to pursue my Masters in Computer Science, I began my Silicon Valley career as a Software Developer and Technical Lead at Juniper Networks. Determined to start a company that would impact the lives of billions, I began to participate in weekend hackathons. My winning idea, Wificoin, was incubated by TATA and within six months of launch was generating 7-digit ARR. Wificoin is now a recognised Global Public Internet Utility that is open to all, seamless, secure and powered by a community-owned token. I Founded GIANT in 2021.


Blockchain Observations

Could Bandwidth be a Super-Currency - A Global Digital Asset for the Masses?

29 Mar 2022

For as long as cryptocurrency has existed, innovators have attempted to launch decentralized replicas of fiat money and the broader centralized financial system. In the Bitcoin white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto described Bitcoin as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system,” but extreme volatility means that store of value is now its primary utility. Sta...