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Security versus convenience - am I never satisfied?

23 Sep 2014

One of the biggest aggravations involved in dealing with banks and credit card issuers is their security checking process when you contact their call centre. Questions, questions, so many questions. Sometimes, you have to supply this information even when they call you. My recent experience with Barclaycard suggests that they have gone some way to...



An answer to the Scottish currency question

05 Sep 2014

One of the things I fail to understand about the Yes campaign for Scottish independence is their determination to retain sterling. OK, it may mean greater stability in the short term but so would remaining part of the UK. If we’re throwing off the shackles etc. etc. then why retain the shackle of handing our monetary policy over to someone who doe...



A cryptocurrency for Scotland

02 Apr 2014

I rarely recommend reading the reader comments at the Guardian Online (or indeed any other newspaper site) unless you need a fast cure for low blood pressure or get a kick out despising your fellow man. However last week I did actually learn something interesting from the comments to a Guardian article about Bitcoin. In common with countries such ...


Are the British more open to mobile wallets?

14 Nov 2013

A few weeks ago I wrote about the results of the consumer research we carried out in the US when we asked consumers who they most trusted to issue mobile wallets. We also asked the same question in the UK and the results were a little more encouraging. Here only 42% said they would never use a wallet, meaning 58% would. This 58% figure in favour i...


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