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MD, Market Infrastructures and Standards Services at Swift
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If Banks could Do It like Nike !

15 Nov 2017

When most sports apparel brands were losing out on differentiation and everybody had pretty much nailed the sneaker business and were losing precious business to cheap counterfeits, Nike decided to do things their way . They created an alternate market of data driven innovation, fostered a digital connect with its end consumers through apps and mo...

Banking Architecture

Who pays off the Technical Debt for Fintech Startups ?

03 Apr 2017

'Technical Debt' - Making sense of the Metaphor In 1992 Ward Cunningham - the man who created the first Wiki coined a metaphor called 'Technical Debt' . The term later went on to be called 'Code Debt' and sometimes 'Design Debt' . Extremely revered in software engineering circles , Cunningham was seen as a pioneer for design patterns and extreme ...


Financial Inclusion

Driving Financial Inclusion through India Post

21 Mar 2017

Any institution that works to establish financial inclusion takes on the role of becoming a emissary of trust - trust in the economy . To establish the first level of trust for the unbanked is one of the biggest challenges across third world economies. Postal networks have often been the most effective tools of establishing inclusion and yet rema...