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Oana Avramescu

Oana Avramescu

Global Insurance Solution Lead at SAS
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Bio As Global Solutions Lead in Risk Research and Quantitative Solutions, Oana Avramescu caps off a decade at SAS as an advisor to major insurance companies on Solvency II subjects and IFRS 17, as well as a developer for IT solutions for Solvency II, Basel II, Swiss reporting, Italian reporting and risk re-assessment. Career History With more than 15 years of experience in various roles within the insurance, banking and software industry, Oana approaches regulatory frameworks as both a user and developer of financial sector software. She is an expert in regulatory reporting requirements, Solvency II, and risk management.


Financial Services Regulation

Insurance Capital Standard 2.0: A path to regulatory transformation

17 Aug 2022

Sweeping regulatory changes are happening worldwide in risk management. With the imperative to standardize finance for the stability of the global economy – crucial in the wake of COVID-19 and growing climate risks – regulators are intent on creating greater transparency in the financial services industry. There are many examples of this regulato...