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Co-Founder & Chairman at Finboot
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Bio Co-founder of Finboot - a technology company that gives its world class customers a competitive edge through accelerating their digital transformation, realising value and building trust through blockchain. Finboot has developed MARCO, an ecosystem which brings together blockchain technologies in one place, connecting multiple ledgers simultaneously. It enables companies to incorporate blockchain within their value and supply chains, bring traceability, transparency and compliance which, in turn, helps them meet sustainability and ESG requirements while also increasing operational efficiency. Finboot is headquartered in the UK with a base in Spain.


Blockchain Observations

Passports for products as well as people – enhancing trust through technology

29 Sep 2021

Passports provide a licence to travel while also providing security – an established international recognition of proving identity and accompanying a ticket to ride. Passports have also come back into conversations in the last few months through vaccine passports. Covid-19 has forced the imposition of restrictions on our ability to move from one co...


Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

Corporate democracy in the digital age

16 Aug 2021

Annual shareholder meetings are outdated. They were created in the analogue age. In the past shareholder meetings were rated for their refreshments as much as their content and large institutional investors didn’t usually attend. Such meetings remained the purview of the retail investor. But the pandemic has changed all of this. Archie Norman, cha...


Money makes the world go round

20 May 2021

Tesco’s recent announcement connecting supply chain finance incentives with sustainability goals is potentially a game changer. By linking annual greenhouse gas emissions data provided by suppliers - independently verified and assessed by sustainability experts - to lower financing rates provided by their banking partner, Santander, creates a win-...