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Senior Director, Customer Solutions at Quantanite
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Bio Fintech is growing rapidly and more and more companies are outsourcing their CX as customer interactions increase. I work with start ups and fast growth companies to deliver flexible, scalable CX solutions using the latest AI and chatbot technology. Career History With a strong background of over 15 years working with Financial Services and Fintech Businesses, I have been working with companies from the largest global enterprises to smaller entrepreneurial fast-growth businesses on driving customer experience transformation & creating unprecedented customer outcomes.


Outsourcing Banking, Financial Services Operations

What Does The Consumer Duty Mean For Contact Centres?

05 Jul 2023

Most readers of this journal will have some awareness of the FCA Consumer Duty. The important date when the new rules will apply is 31 July 2023 - not long now. In short it sets out to achieve an improvement in consumer protection by requiring financial service companies to deliver good outcomes for customers. Surely all financial service companie...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Fintech Funding Has Reduced, But It Could Be Great News For Customers

06 Jun 2023

Thankfully it looks like the UK has dodged a 2023 recession. Things were certainly bleaker at the end of 2022 when The Economist was not asking if there would be a recession, they were just asking how bad it is going to be. Although interest rates have been going up, it also looks like there will be more home loans. Mortage lending is expected t...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Fintechs That Retain CX In-House May Be Missing Out On Huge Growth

17 Apr 2023

The Fintech and technology worlds often overlap. It’s only natural because these are financial services delivered by technology. However if you look at the fortunes of the general technology sector right now and compare it to fintech, there is quite a disparity. Meta has recently laid off over 11,000 employees and has suggested that there may be m...