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Bio Leslie Spiro is CEO of Tick42 (was known as DOT until May 2012). Tick42 provide a range of products and development services for real time trading systems. Career History Leslie Spiro has been involved with a number of the major players in trading system e.g. Reuters first Windows workstation, the PTW and Bloomberg's first B-Pipe feed handlers. He was a co-founder and CTO of EasyScreen the first Tech-Mark stock to list on the LSE. Today Tick42 has a wide range of m



Mama is Open - why should clients care ?

27 Jun 2012

Simply put - it represents a real chance to have a single market data abstraction that clients can commit to, resulting in significant benefits arising from code reuse, reduced support and better tooling when compared to supporting the multiple platforms that many organisations have today. In addition, they will be able to turn to a large number o...


How important is the source in Open Source

19 Jun 2012

In recent years, there’s been a distinct shift towards the use of open technologies in the financial markets, especially when it comes to market data projects. Indeed, the benefits of using open technology such as OpenMama from NYSE in market data systems are so significant that CIOs cannot afford to ignore them. The use of open source in trading ...



What OpenMama is.

12 Jun 2012

The latest release of OpenMama represents a big step towards open sourcing the MAMA (Middleware Agnostic Messaging API) functionality promised by Nyse Technologies in their initial launch. Back in November the OpenMama announcement was accompanied by a software release for C on Linux only. A lot of code was included and it was a firm signal that ...


What OpenMama is NOT

10 Jun 2012

Talking to people, there is still confusion about what OpenMama is. There are good descriptions of the OpenMama release at the Web Site, but for those with experience of the Nyse/Wombat products, it can be easier to understand the scope of OpenMama by talking about what is not included. Mike Schonberg made two very interesting points at the recen...