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CEO at Wildfire Systems
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Bio Jordan is the founder and CEO of Wildfire Systems, which provides an enterprise platform for shopping rewards and social commerce. He previously worked at Boston Consulting Group and was an early executive at eBay, where he built several of eBay's largest business units.



Cashback Rewards Programs Come of Age

20 Jul 2022

There was a time not too long ago when banks gave out toasters to attract customers, retailers rewarded shoppers with redeemable stamps, and credit card companies gave out, well…new credit cards. Then in 1986 came the national debut of the Discover card, which pioneered cash-back rewards and set in motion a whole industry’s worth of incentive prog...


Banking on Rewards to Preserve Customer Loyalty

16 Mar 2022

The banking industry is undergoing an identity crisis. It faces a dwindling number of financial institutions, declines in non-interest income; and competition from challenger banks. Customer retention for financial institutions is more essential than ever, making rewards that sweeten the deal with consumers more popular — and more crucial — than e...


​​Banks Must Become Central to Consumers’ Daily Lives to Successfully Compete with Digital Upstarts

16 Feb 2022

Banks are having a collective epiphany: the traditional role they play in their customers’ lives, which has been historically relegated to the “back-office,” must change. To remain competitive in this digital-first era, financial institutions need to shift their role and deploy offerings that position them as more central and essential to consume...

Disruption in Retail Banking

Rewards Programs Help Banks Retain Customers and Drive New Revenue

07 Feb 2022

Banks are experiencing a sea change in the competitive landscape from an increasingly fragmented set of nascent fintech competitors and the platoon of “Buy Now, Pay Later” startups and in addition to traditional competition from other banks and the newer payments competitors such as PayPal. This year alone, almost 3,000 new fintechs have been mint...