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Leslie Kanthan

Leslie Kanthan

CEO at TurinTech
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Bio Dr Leslie Kanthan is CEO and co-founder of TurinTech, a leading AI Optimisation company that empowers businesses to build efficient and scalable AI by automating the whole data science lifecycle. Career History Before TurinTech, Leslie worked for financial institutions and was frustrated by the manual machine learning developing process and manual code optimising process. He and the team therefore built an end-to-end optimisation platform - EvoML - for building and scaling AI.


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Top 5 AI Use Cases for Retail Banking

31 May 2023

The utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) has been progressively gaining importance in various businesses, including retail banking. AI offers a multitude of benefits in this industry, such as enhancing customer service and detecting fraudulent activities. Given the intensifying competition in the field, it is crucial for executives to recog...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AI for hedge funds: How can machine learning and code optimisation generate greater alpha?

23 May 2022

The applications of AI in the financial sector are multi-faceted. In this article, we explore some key use cases of AI for hedge funds. We also look at potential challenges in implementing AI-based solutions, and how hedge funds can circumvent these challenges. In an analysis done in 2020, consulting and research firm Cerulli claims that there is i...