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Bethan Cowper

Bethan Cowper

Head of International Marketing at Compass Plus
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Bio Bethan Cowper is the Head of International Marketing at Compass Plus, a company that offers comprehensive, integrated and flexible payment and retail banking software to payment service providers and financial institutions worldwide. Career History Bethan Cowper is the Head of International Marketing at Compass Plus. In this role she manages the strategic global marketing efforts of the company from the Nottingham office in the UK. Prior to Compass Plus, Bethan worked in a number of senior marketing roles covering brand management, product



In banks we trust: a UK perspective

27 Oct 2015

Or do we? It’s hard to know how the public feels about things these days. A controversial statement in itself, considering social media and the amount of public avenues in which one can air their opinion, review or grievance. However, public opinion doesn’t always seem to balance out with public behaviour, as the highly anticipated “switch your ba...


Security should be a behaviour, not just a setting

19 Aug 2015

Security is a huge risk in modern day society both within and outside of the payments industry. Cyber-attacks are growing in frequency, size and complexity and the weak links that fraudsters penetrate are increasingly more obscure in response to the consistently evolving fraud prevention measures in place. Whilst sophisticated fraud detection and...


Contactless cards in the UK: are we there yet?

05 Nov 2014

If you live in London, by association you are or should be contactless, at least according to the payments industry. But are we really there yet? The move by Transport for London (TFL) is certainly inching people closer, as buses no longer accept cash, only oyster or contactless bank cards. The London Underground and National Rail are also primed ...


Payments should be about choice

15 Oct 2014

The payments landscape is in a state of flux and has been for the last ten years. However, we finally have the technological agility to deal with change and meet consumer expectation. It is this synergetic meeting of ability and technology that can really drive change. What does this mean for payments? Well they are already attracting a lot of pre...