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Frictionless Fraud Prevention
Sadra Boutorabi

Sadra Boutorabi

Product Marketing Director at GPayments
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Bio Sadra has a passion for all things technical and his mission is to help build frictionless fraud prevention solutions and services for GPayments customers. Career History


Trends in Financial Services

How 3D Secure adoption in the US is about to change

09 Apr 2019

3-Domain Secure was created in its first iteration (3DS1) over 15 years ago. The goals were relatively simple, as there were few standards to build upon at the time. Even though there was a mounting challenge in credit card fraud, hopes for what would come to be a vibrant e-commerce industry were already high. Despite the clear demand for a secure...


Top 8 Payment Authentication Tools for 2019

15 Jan 2019

The internet and mobile economy have been going through a boom in the last few years. As a result, the online identity authentication industry is growing and evolving quickly. Effective identity verification continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing business owners, payment providers, and card issuers. There are simply more risks online...

Standards Forum

PCI Compliance and 3D Secure 2

02 May 2018

Serious efforts have been made to combat against the ever-increasing levels of CNP (card-not-present fraud), which has jumped to record levels (around $14.2 billion annually) in recent years. Anyone that uses a credit card, consumers and vendors alike, is a potential target for this threat. To maximize protection and increase consumer confidence t...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Why Biometric Identification is the Future for Online Payment Authorisation

22 Mar 2018

Thanks to the increase in mobile technology and online shopping in recent years, the need for simple and secure online payment methods has become an important issue. With our newfound freedom of being able to purchase pretty much anything imaginable from the comfort of a mobile device, there comes a significantly increased risk of identity theft ...