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Bio I am the founder of a global financial content marketing agency - The Dubs. We help finance brands from retail to investment banks, asset to fund managers, brokers and insurers, pension houses and superannuation firms, wealth managers and emerging markets. Career History I am originally a finance journalist by trade having worked for News Corp from 1989-1995. In 1996 I founded The Dubs to help finance brands create compelling content for their customers and audiences.


Disruption in Retail Banking

Finance content marketing during a recession

28 Jul 2020

Now dubbed The Great Lockdown, the COVID-19 pandemic has sent economies around the world into recession. In the March quarter, Australia’s GDP fell for the first time in nine years, decreasing by 0.3%, while the United States’ GDP decreased by 5%. Meanwhile, in early July, the European Commission forecast the UK’s economy would shrink by 9.75% in...

Marketing in Financial Services

Research reveals what's hindering finance content marketing success

08 Jul 2020

Not getting the hits? Strategy stuck in a rut? Not sure where to go next with your finance content marketing? It’s time to stop second-guessing – and turn to the research. When it comes to effective finance content marketing, there’s no substitute for cold, hard data. Here I delve into the latest studies and uncover what’s holding finance brands b...

Marketing in Financial Services

Sure signs finance podcasts are part of the mainstream

23 Jun 2020

Podcasts have been around for a long time now, but in finance marketing they’ve been slow to become a standard content offering and have played second fiddle to online video. However, this appears to be changing with a tipping point being driven by a few factors. The most obvious of these is Covid-19, with finance brands finding themselves cut-off ...

Marketing in Financial Services

Overcoming the unique challenges of finance marketing

17 Jun 2020

Content marketing for finance brands isn’t the same as content marketing for other brands - it comes with its own unique challenges that need to be overcome. The first of these is the popular perception of finance topics as dry, dull and technical. The second is the regulatory environment, which requires finance brands to ensure content is legally ...