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Paul Marcantonio

Paul Marcantonio

Head of UK/Western Europe at ECOMMPAY
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Bio My main objective is to establish ECOMMPAY as a trusted partner to eCommerce merchants throughout the UK & Western Europe. As such, I'm committed to driving success across the diverse landscape of digital payments by facilitating frictionless user experience for clients and consumers alike. Career History I have more than 20 years of experience working for representatives of the payments and eCommerce industries, including popular e-Wallets and tier 1 interactive gaming brands, such as Ubisoft and THQ.



Fighting the coronavirus cybercriminals

18 Aug 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is changing all of our lives in ways we could barely have imagined twelve months ago. From stay-at-home-lockdowns to mandatory masks, to a new culture of increasingly working from home, we have all had to adapt to what is often referred to as the new normal. But human beings are often better at adapting than we imagine an...

Financial Inclusion

Left Behind: Is Cashless Society Harming the Vulnerable?

28 Jan 2020

The cashless revolution is here, and it’s happening all over the globe: from Malaysian village market stalls to the London high street. There can be no revolution without controversy, of course. Dominating conversations of financial innovation is the question of financial inclusion. In other words, will going cashless exclude the most vulnerable me...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

5 Steps to Set Up Online Payments for Your Business

13 Jan 2020

Selling things online can be complicated. There are web shops to design, product descriptions to create, and payment methods to set up. The latter is probably the single most important part of the process - for a very simple reason. If your customers can't pay, they won't buy. So how do you accept payments online? Let’s look at it step by step. 1. ...


The Payments Business

3 payment technologies to increase conversion

25 Nov 2019

Though it may seem like everything in the payments space is geared towards boosting conversion, i.e. the amount of times a potential customers completes the intended action of clicking “buy” – and this is indeed the case – I’m here today to tell you about three specific ways in which payment technology can raise the conversion rate, i.e. the amoun...


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