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Paul Marcantonio

Paul Marcantonio

Head of UK/Western Europe at ECOMMPAY
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Bio My main objective is to establish ECOMMPAY as a trusted partner to eCommerce merchants throughout the UK & Western Europe. As such, I'm committed to driving success across the diverse landscape of digital payments by facilitating frictionless user experience for clients and consumers alike. Career History I have more than 20 years of experience working for representatives of the payments and eCommerce industries, including popular e-Wallets and tier 1 interactive gaming brands, such as Ubisoft and THQ.



The Potential and Reality of Cryptocurrency in Video Gaming

02 Oct 2019

Cryptocurrency promises to change the world, but it might start with games. The ubiquity of microtransactions in modern video games makes the industry ripe for a crypto insurgence. With gamers spending an average of $85 each on the (free-to-play) game Fortnite, generating $300 million a month for the game’s creators, cryptocurrency luminaries are ...


5 Considerations for Choosing a Payment Services Provider

12 Aug 2019

My colleague recently published a piece on selecting a payment gateway and it got me thinking. How do you choose a service - any kind of service - when you're inundated with options? I've decided to use his same basic argument, but changed the focus from choosing a payment gateway to choosing a payment service provider. Brand recognition, goes the...



How to Maximise Seasonal Highs with Travel Payment Technologies

03 Jul 2019

At the beginning of July, we’re right in the thick of what travel agencies and tour operators across the northern hemisphere know as the summer high season. The confluence of warmer weather, brighter days, and school summer holidays has turned would-be travellers into actual travellers, driving up the travel industry’s revenues to heights unreacha...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Facing Challenges Head-on in Emerging Markets

19 Jun 2019

Everyone understands the travel industry by now. But maybe the geography is changing. Maybe instead of tourists from ‘established markets’ visiting ‘emerging markets’, it’s beginning to go both ways. Travel operators are increasingly keen on positioning themselves as leaders in markets that were once just ‘destinations’. Getting in on the ground f...

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