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Futuristic Banking

How many Ts is that?

26 Mar 2009

Noting the news last night it's not a great time to be associated with banking and as such the professional community will seek solace amongst its members. So, during this period of kinship and support perhaps some managers will study how the renewed trust in peers and colleagues can be put to good use. Transparency creates trust, trust facilitates...

Futuristic Banking

UK Banking Retail OPEN API

16 Feb 2009

This has been on my mind a lot recently, mainly out of frustration with using my bank's web sites as they don't support Firefox very well. More so, my bank and credit card providers especially are a total pain in the butt when it comes to working out which cookies and javascripts to enable for their various domains - this becomes a total headache...

Futuristic Banking

Dunbar's 150

28 Feb 2008

It is not surprising that after a mad rush to follow the crowd, catalysed by Facebook publishing their API (a strategy that allowed 3rd party developers to build applications that could leverage the platform and be used by Facebook members thus increasing value of the underlying service) that the steam would run out of this engine. What continues...

Futuristic Banking

Bot-wars and proximity

12 Oct 2007

Technology brings as many problems as it solves solutions much the same way experts often confess to knowing more and more about less and less. As one passes through life this statement becomes more prevalent and it's no surprise that older folk are known to take less risk than younger ones who do not have the battle scars and hindsight of the ve...

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Bank chiefs frightened by cyber risks - PwC

  I think an appropriate analogy one might care to use could be taken from history... back when we had bank heists one of the key advantages was a) surprise (no change there) and b) speed of getaway. Lets look at b) first... banks are so slow when it comes to security hardening it's become a farce, when you compare the speed of modern ecommerce sites under a devops culture that can roll out new code across clusters of production servers worldwide effortlessly you get to see why banks are at the mercy of their legacy investments. In terms of a) you need to check how many banks actually operate real CERT teams rather than pass the buck and outsource this to 3rd parties. More so, the fact they are so used to 'not sharing' they are making the job even easier for criminals by not pooling the knowledge of shared logs to help identify potential APTs. They have only themselves to blame, though as one person once reminded me regarding the InfoSec challenges in the porn industry with content leakage, they're making so much money they don't really care that much. This is just brand damage and they will suffer dearly as more innovative bankers launch banks with technology that is up to date and benefitting from the fastest possible managmement and maintenance stragegies possible. Tomorrow, when you choose your bank you will also be choosing your technology as well, you just don't realise it yet. A good start would be to send all the infra teams to a DevOpsDays conference, a cheap and worthwhile investment to help them 'get' what it means to do configuration management a la InfoSec in today's world. I'd also highly recommend Kris Buytaert and Martin Simons amongst others in our (DevOps) community who have already been advising banks ready to listen and evolve their antiquated practices.