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Blockchain and Crypto Analyst at HashCash Consultants
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Bio Technical Writer Specialising in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and associated Finance/Marketing Career History Over 5 years experience as Technical Writer. Specialization in Cryptocurrency, Finance, Technology, and associated domains.


Blockchain Geek

The Top 5 Development Tips for Building a Metaverse

23 Jun 2022

All eyes are glued toward the metaverse and its revolutionary uses. But, what are the creators thinking when developing one? The metaverse community is growing at a frantic pace. Market forecasts have already suggested an upcoming economy exceeding valuations of USD 1 trillion. The progress has been multi-faceted. The objective is separate for meta...

Blockchain Observations

What’s Next After Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, and NFTs

15 Feb 2022

The Crypto Trend has brought forward several innovations- Metaverse, NFTs, and DAOs. The billion-dollar question- Where do we go now? 2021 will be remembered as the year cryptocurrency jumpstarted into the mainstream. Rising public awareness and gigantic profit margins brought investors and regular traders into the crypto exchange realm. Reports su...

Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

Blockchain-powered ACH: An Evolution in Clearing House Solutions

09 Feb 2022

Blockchain is quickly emerging as one of the main disruptors of the fintech revolution. The underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies has infinite potential, including ACH Solutions. The entire world is witnessing the digital transformation of existing banking and finance systems. Modern technologies are revolutionizing the entire banking proce...