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Anand Subramaniam

SVP Global Marketing at eGain Corporation
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Career History Anand Subramaniam is SVP Global Marketing for eGain Corporation, leader in omnichannel customer engagement solutions, with prior experience in a range of companies from SaaS startups to companies such as Oracle, Autodesk, and Intel. He holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and an MSME from the University of Rhode Island.


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Clone Your Best Bankers, Ignite Sales, and Turbocharge Growth

01 Apr 2020

Introduction “A decade on from the global financial crisis, signs that the banking industry has entered the late phase of the economic cycle are clear: growth in volumes and top-line revenues is slowing, with loan growth of just 4 percent in 2018.” - McKinsey, Inc. “Banks are challenged with growth. In fact, the average operating income growth rat...