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Chief Technology Officer, Global Payment Solutions at Finastra
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Bio Distinguished Technologist. I hold 7 US Patents, over 18 years of professional experience with 10 years in executive leadership roles with world class organizations, like Microsoft, SAP and Finastra. Career History Please find me on LinkedIn


Innovation in Financial Services

How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation, Veejay Jadhaw

21 Mar 2017

Artificial Intelligence (A.I), as high-tech as it may sound, has actually been around for more than 60 years. Alan Turing first mentioned it in his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” where he suggested considering the question ‘can machines think?’. Artificial Intelligence or A.I, put out simply, is the development of computer systems to...

Innovation in Financial Services

How to Radically Transform Payments Operations through Digitization, Veejay Jadhaw

13 Oct 2016

If you look at major banks across the world today, you'll find that most banks have set up innovation arms that are now working at the frontier of digital technology's potential in banking. Five years ago, you'd have found only few banks with operations of this type. This explosion in digital innovation reflects an acceptance by banks worldwide t...

Innovation in Financial Services

How to Mitigate Cloud Data Privacy and Security Risks in the Financial Services Industry

07 Jul 2015

WHY CLOUD MATTERS: When we think about cloud, the things that usually come to mind are cost savings, outsourcing & Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). While cost saving benefits are relevant, cloud adoption has a much larger strategic value proposition tied to the Digitization Of Financial Institutions, summarized below. Cloud is omni-present ...

Disruption in Retail Banking

Roadmap to Financial Services Platform Modernization Strategy

29 Jun 2015

Going forward banks will have an increased focus on improving profitability. While bank profits have exceeded historic profitability rates, return on equity (ROE) is still low compared to the years prior to the Great Recession. Regulatory pressures, customer demands, and non-traditional banking entrants are requiring banks to transform their busin...