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Lee Campbell

Lee Campbell

CEO & Founder at Cube Logic
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Bio I have worked in technology for over 20 years and during that time I have specialised in trading and risk management. I formed CubeLogic with a former colleague to focus on delivering a next generation suite of risk solutions for trading and risk using the latest Business Intelligence platform.


Capital Markets Technology

Storm clouds on the horizon?

01 Feb 2019

Why effective and innovative credit risk management is no longer an option... Unbalanced economic growth In the year following the 2008 financial crisis, economic activity declined in half of all countries in the world. Among the economies that experienced a banking crisis in 2007–08, about 85% are still operating at output levels below pre-crisis ...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

SaaS vs On-Premise and what that means for everyone involved

23 Aug 2018

The approach to delivering large enterprise vendor software has traditionally been on-premise. In this particular method, the client would use in-house servers and infrastructure within the company network to install and manage the software packages. This would typically involve the procurement and running of racks or blades of servers in a data c...

Financial Risk Management

The Importance of Enterprise-Wide Credit Risk Management

20 Mar 2018

Effective credit risk management depends on data aggregate across multiple silos and the ability to produce accurate, consistent and forward-looking measures of credit exposure at the single obligor level. These data silos are often inevitable, especially when multiple front office trading systems, ETRMs, etc. are present, and yet must be overcome...

Innovation in Financial Services

Trader: Alexa, do you want to come to work with me?

07 Mar 2018

Conversation-as-a-Service meets the trading floor The way we interact with computers has continually evolved from punch cards, command line interfaces and keyboards, the introduction of the mouse and more recently touchscreen devices and Alexa. The common driver for change is always to make things easier, faster and more intuitive to input and acc...